Prisoner addresses

The prison addresses of our comrades are below; please write and send them your support.

You can generally send stamps and stationary (though not pens). It is recommended that you send any money through this site; this is so that we can ensure that donations are divided equally among the prisoners. Visit the donate page of this blog to contribute to the support fund. However, if you wish to send money directly to a prisoner’s account you can do so by postal order. Procedures for sending money vary from prison to prison so make sure you check particular guidelines of the prison(s) you are sending money to – see the link below each prisoner’s address.

Please remember when writing that all letters will be read by the screws, so don’t say anything that could incriminate yourself or someone else. For more advice about writing to prisoners check ABC Brighton.

Ravi Gill
HMP Wayland
IP25 6RL
HMP Wayland Prison Regime
(Scroll down to ‘Communications’ for details of how to send money etc.)