Nine defendants acquitted in second antifascist trial

by antifascistuk

On Monday 3rd October all nine defendants in the second trial were acquitted. The jury delivered their unanimous verdict with obvious pleasure to a cheering courtroom. At the end of a 16 day trial their deliberations had lasted less than an hour and their decisions were a resounding “Fuck you” to the state’s efforts to screw over antifascist protest.

One working day prior to the trial’s commencement on 12th September, two of the defendants had their cases dropped by the prosecution. This was believed to be due to a lack of evidence so risible that it would have made the already-dodgy trial even less convincing.

Festivities are ongoing.

Six people are, however, still in prison after the first trial, and still need our support. It’s good news that we don’t have any more people to add to the list, and we can now concentrate our efforts – and funds – on supporting these six comrades. You can write to the prisoners, and if you can please donate to the support fund.