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Austen and Phil both released!

Austen and Phil have both been released on a tag! Great news.

Now everyone can concentrate on writing to, and generally supporting, Ravi, until his release in May.

Andy and Sean both released on a tag! Austen, Phil and Ravi still inside

Andy and Sean have both been released on Home Detention Curfew.

This is excellent news! We hope their time on a tag goes fast and they’re soon properly free.

This is also a great time to redouble our efforts to support Austen, Phil and Ravi, who are all still inside. You can write to the prisoners, and if you can please donate to the support fund.


Thomas Blak deported to Denmark

Thomas Blak has been deported to Denmark and banned from entering the UK for 10 years. Various reasons were given, including the fact that he is an antifascist.

Thomas could have fought his deportation, but this would have elongated the time that he spent in custody beyond the 18 months that he was sentenced to. He has now been released from custody. Thomas will, however, be appealing against his 10-year ban from the UK as completely disproportionate.

It’s totally shit that he has been deported and banned from re-entering the UK, where he has lived for 11 years. We wish him all the best in Denmark, and good luck with his appeal.

Thomas Blak moved

Thomas has now been moved from Wormwood Scrubs to HMP Onley in Warwickshire.

His new address is:
Thomas Blak
HMP Onley
CV23 8AP

Some further details of the prison can be found below, though lots of the information given on the page is generic.

HMP Onley Prison Regime

If there is any other important information, or any changes to the above, then we will of course post it up here.

Ceilidh benefit in Dalston

Nine defendants acquitted in second antifascist trial

On Monday 3rd October all nine defendants in the second trial were acquitted. The jury delivered their unanimous verdict with obvious pleasure to a cheering courtroom. At the end of a 16 day trial their deliberations had lasted less than an hour and their decisions were a resounding “Fuck you” to the state’s efforts to screw over antifascist protest.

One working day prior to the trial’s commencement on 12th September, two of the defendants had their cases dropped by the prosecution. This was believed to be due to a lack of evidence so risible that it would have made the already-dodgy trial even less convincing.

Festivities are ongoing.

Six people are, however, still in prison after the first trial, and still need our support. It’s good news that we don’t have any more people to add to the list, and we can now concentrate our efforts – and funds – on supporting these six comrades. You can write to the prisoners, and if you can please donate to the support fund.

Austen Jackson moved

Austen has now been moved from Wormwood Scrubs to HMP Stocken in Rutland.

His new address is:
Austen Jackson
HMP Stocken
Stocken Hall Road
Nr. Oakham
LE15 7RD

Some further details of the prison can be found below, though lots of the information given on the page is generic. Importantly Austen can no longer receive books. In addition you can only send him stamps if the are already affixed to an envelope with the address written in pen.

If there is any other important information, or any changes to the above, then we will of course post it up here.

HMP Stocken Prison Regime

Sean’s Cregan’s mail

Some of Sean’s post is not getting through to him. Quite a lot of stuff sent to him seems to have gone missing recently and he’s keen for people to know that just because you haven’t heard back from him doesn’t mean he’s ignoring you. He appreciates hearing from people and if he hasn’t responded after a while it might be worth writing again.

Thomas Blak writes from Wormwood Scrubs

The following communiqué is not the opinion of any group or organisation, but that of the signed individual only.

To comrades worldwide,

I send out this communiqué from inside the prison HMP Wormwood Scrubs in London, UK. I have been sentenced to imprisonment for 18 months.

This sentence has been intensely pursued since 2009 by the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police, and the greedy barristers of the ancient and outdated English judicial system, which in my case was presided over by the dinosaur H.O. Blacksell QC and his posh puppy Mark Trafford.

During a profitable 17 days, in which various worms in wigs paraded their knowledge of the rich man’s law, while filling their pockets at public expense, as well as strutting their vivid imaginations, to keep each other awake. Then they sent out their twelve handpicked blind sheep for deliberation. Thirteen hours later and six comrades were en route to HMP Wormwood Scrubs, courtesy of the privatised justice courier Serco.

The outcome was a given from the very start and the Victorian master-race puppeteer H.O. Blacksell made no secret of which way these cowardly people, who so viciously decided to stand up against the bigoted racists from “Blood And Honour”, were to end up. It was obviously paramount for “Blacksellaurus Rex” to ensure that the public of Welling wouldn’t have to be exposed to such an act of free-will in terms of an antifascist opposition to fascism. It is much preferred to simply allow fascists free reign to exercise their hatred and occasionally to murder, as long as it’s done out of sight of his beloved public. After all, the fascists pay his wages and are ideologically alike.

Under the context of conspiracy, the court invented a guilty verdict, whereby no evidence was required. One for all and all for one, unless of course you hadn’t previously had the nerve to challenge the way in which a system, made by the rich and to protect the rich, wants us to live. Despite serving a sentence, it is forever held against you, which is quite handy, should one be a tad short of the annoying thing called evidence.

In a straight contradiction to what the justice system tries to preach, they have exposed themselves as nothing more than a posh gang of thugs, with huge prisons to keep us locked-up, out of sight, out of rights!

This is not unique to England and it is evident in most countries. With the breakdown of their economic system, their thuggish behaviour is becoming more and more exposed. From Athens, our inspiration, to London, it’s time to stand up and stand united, with passion and determination.

Democratic capitalist society and dictatorships alike, their failure is shining brighter by the minute, as with any system which is unfair and only serves to benefit a tiny minority of the population.

I send my support and solidarity to the comrades, in prisons and on the streets, who have courageously decided to say enough is enough. No more of the “Rule of the Rich”. No more shall they be able to hide behind their legal arguments and pseudo-democratic excuses. No more shall they be able to hide behind their polluted cloud of justice when it’s so apparent that it’s nothing more than a tool of repression, by which a big, fat, wigged-up bastard can, without remorse or humanity, destroy the lives of people on a daily basis, without any consequences or questions being asked of him. Only a few dictators have had such powers at their disposal.

It’s time to judge our judges. I know about 85,678 people in England alone, who’d like a word or two with these infallible keepers of the rich man’s democracy.
To the rich man’s justice – Fuck you hard and rot in pieces!

Anarchist Prisoner,

Thomas Blak

Seventh antifascist sentenced

At Blackfriars Crown Court on Friday August 19th Jonathan Wood – one of the antifascists found guilty of “conspiracy to commit violent disorder” in June – was given a suspended sentence.

The convictions of Jonathan and the six other antifascists were complete travesties, but we are over the moon that our friend and comrade avoided being sent to prison, as this was a real possibility for him. In the end, Jonathan was given a non-custodial sentence for reasons relating to his personal circumstances.