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Austen Jackson moved

Austen has now been moved from Wormwood Scrubs to HMP Stocken in Rutland.

His new address is:
Austen Jackson
HMP Stocken
Stocken Hall Road
Nr. Oakham
LE15 7RD

Some further details of the prison can be found below, though lots of the information given on the page is generic. Importantly Austen can no longer receive books. In addition you can only send him stamps if the are already affixed to an envelope with the address written in pen.

If there is any other important information, or any changes to the above, then we will of course post it up here.

HMP Stocken Prison Regime


Sean’s Cregan’s mail

Some of Sean’s post is not getting through to him. Quite a lot of stuff sent to him seems to have gone missing recently and he’s keen for people to know that just because you haven’t heard back from him doesn’t mean he’s ignoring you. He appreciates hearing from people and if he hasn’t responded after a while it might be worth writing again.