Austen Jackson and Thomas Blak get prison sentences

by antifascistuk

Two more of the imprisoned antifascists were officially sentenced to jail this week. Thomas Blak and Austen Jackson have been held on remand since their dodgy conviction in June, and appeared in Blackfriars court on Monday August 8th for sentencing.

The judge in the case continued his approach of handing down lengthy prison sentences, sending down Thomas for 18 months and Austen for 15 months. This follows the 21 month sentences he already handed down to four antifascists. One further antifascist involved in this case is still on bail awaiting sentence.

If you have not yet written to the prisoners now might be a good time to send a letter or a card. Many of the prisoners are being moved around at the moment. Though Austen and Thomas remain in Wormwood Scrubs for now there is a good chance they will be moved very soon. Check the address page of this blog for correct contact details.