by antifascistuk

On 28th March 2009 a number of people travelled to south-east London to protest against a Blood and Honour gig at the Duchess of Edinburgh Pub. On their way back there was an altercation between some of the protesters and fascists on the platform of Welling train station.

Police arrested every antifascist protester they could lay their hands on: 23 people in total, 22 of whom were charged with conspiracy to commit Violent Disorder. This was too many to fit into one court room so the case split in two, with the first 11 people going on trial on 6th June. None of the fascists were arrested or charged.

On Tuesday 28th June, after 17 days on trial, seven antifascists were convicted. Four were sentenced immediately to 21 months, three are awaiting reports (two on remand and one on bail) and will be sentenced in August. Four people have been acquitted and we wish them all the best in suing the police, which they would be fully justified in doing, not only for having the worry of a court case hanging over them for over two years but also in one case being unable to work as a nurse because of comments by police on his criminal record check.

Because legal proceedings are ongoing we do cannot go into any further detail at this time. Please respect this and do not press for more information on this sensitive matter, or engage in online speculation.