Recently imprisoned antifascists need your support

by antifascistuk

After being arrested, having property confiscated, losing jobs and being left on bail for two years, a group of antifascists have been sent to prison and they need our support.

Resisting fascism is important, and people that are persecuted by the state for resisting fascism should not be forgotten or ignored.

There are a number of ways to support these prisoners. You can sending letters or cards, organise (and attend!) benefits  and you can donate money. As important as emotional support and acts of solidarity in letter writing are, it is still important for us to raise money to put into their prison bank accounts so they can get stamps, paper, tobacco, sweets, television and anything they need to make their time inside easier for them.

If you are able to help with this, please click on the donate via Paypal. Its quick, it’s secure and every penny goes to supporting these prisoners.

Thank you

Antifascist Prisoner Support UK

(We would like to add that this is not a permanent group, this site will be taken down once all prisoners are out of jail. This website is here to support people arrested relating to a particular miscarriage of justice rather than to help any antifascist arrested. This is not because we do not want to support other people but more because we do not have the resources to do so)